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Hot car interior, too much sun glare beaming down on your windows, hot sun rays coming from above making it hard to see, something missing with the outside appearance of your vehicle, in need of a darker window?

Well, if you got at least two or more problems we just listed, chances are you are in need of a car window tinting, my pal! We will just say it right off the bat – car window tinting is amazing. Just ask the millions of car owners out there and you’ll find that most of them are satisfied sporting the tinted car window look.


To be honest, regarding car window tinting, that any time of the year is perfect for it! The seasons do not really matter that much, except for the summer when it gets too hot that the feeling of driving out in the open sun is uncomfortable and searing. Car window tints can be serviced just to make your vehicle classier and more fashionable, for example!

Why Window Tinting?

And believe it or not (but you really should, though), is that the range of benefits of car window tinting expands more than just a boost in appearance and protection from temperature and sun glare! 

Did you know that applying a tint to your car’s window can actually make you safer in the event of an accidental car crash? Yep, you definitely heard that one right. Just think, during a collision, often times there involves the shattering of your glass windows. In the event of a car crash with no car window tint applied, the glass can rapidly burst and send shrapnel easily everywhere, however with car window tint applied, that tint can actually serve as a barrier for those sharp pieces of shrapnel! It is better to have protection and safety than not!

Right Ways to Do Window Tinting

Since you are here, you are obviously somewhat new to car window tinting and want to know what the right ways to do it, or what to know about it, etcetera.

Well, at our company, we excel in providing the best car window tinting, and other services (such as car detailing, vehicle wrapping, vehicle paint jobs, vehicle repair, etcetera) in the Oswego, IL area, and in the area of Chicago altogether! If you are unsure, just check out the countless reviews satisfied customers left us when we finished whatever job they serviced us to do!

You are in luck, because the following will be a guide, a how-to, containing tips and tricks for car window tinting that a beginner to even an expert can take away from! We promise that by the end of this article, you can be fully informed of all the difference nuisances and subtleties car window tinting entails!

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Since we have already established what car window tint is, we’ll start off by the what the types of car window tint are. There are two major distinctions: metallic film and non-reflectorized. Metallic films reflect the sunlight to protect the cabin from potential heat damage and the occupants from hot temperatures.

The disadvantage to this is since it is a metallic reflective material, it can possibly interfere with signals and other EM waves such as those used by Wi-Fi, cellphones, etcetera. Meanwhile, non-reflectorized, owing to what is said on the tin, is non-reflective, choosing instead to absorb the incoming rays of sunshine, providing more vision and overall quality, however not as effective as metallic films in protecting against heat.


car window tint photo

Importance of Tint Percentage

An important step in car window tints is knowing which percent of tint to use. Too light can offer little protection but can go well if you just want that, and too dark tints can make you seem suspicious and are sometimes not allowed by laws because enforcers and patrolling policemen can’t check on the occupants if they are abiding by safety regulations. Usually, only limos and other vehicles needing maximum privacy employ the use of really dark tints. So, carefully do research on what you want and what suits you when choosing the amount of tint to be applied.

Another tip to note is if it is your complete first time and without any prior practice, do not attempt to apply the tint all by yourself! Unless you are really certain with your own skill, doing it by yourself in your first try can often lead to mistakes and imperfections which can be visually seen and have an uneven or bad effectiveness to your car.

Do research on a reputable tinting shop and a professional before availing their services. You can save a lot by DIY-ing it, however with a reputable tinting shop and a professional, you are assured that they are going to do a professional job of applying the window tint. You can also get in contact with them and they will tell you what would be best for your situation (and even teach you more about window tints) and you can meet at a deal. Likewise, shameless self-plug here, if you ARE interested in getting a bang for your buck car window tinting service, learn more by shooting us a message or an email and by browsing around more in our website!

Proper Window Tint Maintenance

Once the tint is applied, you will need to know how to take proper maintenance so it lasts a long time. First tip is to let it dry and stick there for a while and don’t use the raise or lower the windows often. Mind your distance from the newly-tinted windows when carrying around anything that can make a dent on it. When cleaning it, make sure to use soft microfiber cleaners and as much as possible, use mild or organic cleaners; those newly-fitted films are still delicate and will take some time to get used to being applied!

Finally, check with your provider if they have a warranty for the tint job to maximize what you can get from it. If there is going to be any compromise in quality or craft or workmanship by your service provider, then knowing a warranty is issued will definitely be handy in having it replaced and refitted it properly this time!


In conclusion, that was the guide to knowing and caring for car window tints! Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two. Remember, that if you are in the Chicago area, or more specifically yet, in the Oswego area, and in need of something done with your vehicle (vehicle wrapping, window tinting, washing, repair, etcetera), just hit us up and we can talk details! We are eager to meet your demands!

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