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Cars are one of the best inventions of humanity, and they allowed us to travel to many places in just a short amount of time.

If you own a car, then you know how large an investment this is, and it takes a lot of money and effort to maintain it. Some people even want to customize it, such as adding new accessories or repainting the color of their car.


One of the popular customizations in a car is window tinting, where you can change how dark or how light the window can be, or even change it into a color you like. Car window tinting Chicago services are also popular, but you should first have some background knowledge on the process and what kind of tint you want for your car windows.

Advantages of Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting Chicagoland is usually done to provide shade and privacy to your car. However, there are other reasons why you should have your car window tinted, such as those given in the following:

Prevents Car Overheating

During the summer, cars can heat up too much when left in an open area for a long time. To prevent this, car windows are often tinted to reduce how much your car would heat up from the sun. Some studies say that window tints can cool down your car by 60% during summer. That way, your vehicle won’t feel like an oven whenever you enter!

Protects Your Skin From the Sun

Most of the car window tints available also includes UV protection, so even with direct sunlight hitting your car all the time, your skin will get damaged from it. This is especially helpful for those with skin conditions or sensitive skin, and your car will serve as your shield from the sun.

Safer Driving

Other than the sun, car window tinting is also helpful in preventing other lights from causing a distraction. For example, the headlights of the car in front of you are too bright, so you have difficulty seeing your surroundings. With a car window tint, these bright lights will be reduced, thus allowing a safer and distraction-free driving.

Increases Privacy Inside Your Car

Some people want to have some privacy when inside their car. We all know how annoying it is when your neighbors get too nosy and start glancing inside your car, so a window tint will provide an extra cover that will make it more comfortable when you drive.

Prevents Glass From Breaking

Window tints are like an added layer of protection for your window glass. Studies have also shown that cars with window tints have a lower chance of breaking the window glass during car accidents. In other words, car window tinting will also keep you safe during accidents by preventing broken glass from injuring you.

Prevents Window Cracking and Fading

Just like how window tints protect your skin from the sun, they also protect your car windows from the sun. The UV protection in the window tint will ensure that your car window will not crack or fade easily, this prolonging its life. In a way, the car window tint serves as a sunscreen for your car.

Just like how window tints protect your skin from the sun, they also protect your car windows from the sun. The UV protection in the window tint will ensure that your car window will not crack or fade easily, this prolonging its life. In a way, the car window tint serves as a sunscreen for your car.


Do's and Don'ts in Car Window Tinting

Now that you know what window tinting does to your car, here are some of the things that you should and should not do when you have your car window tinted:

DO know the right type of window tint for your car window

There are many different types of car window tints available, and each one has a different function. Some of them include:

  • Mirror Tint
  • Tint Film
  • Colored Tints (Black, Red, Blue, Bronze, Pink, Gold, White, Clear)

These tints can also be darker or lighter, so make sure to ask you car window tinting Chicago company what type of tint suits best for your car. In some areas, car window tints that are too dark are banned, since they can cause accidents during the night. If you’re not sure what type of tint you should get for your car, you could stick to the standard window tints, then you can change them again later when the film is already fading.

DO hire professionals for your car window tinting

If it is your first time having your car window tinted, you should professionals to do the job. They are trained to handle these kinds of services, so you can rest assured that your car window will be tinted properly.

DO wait a 4-5 days before rolling down your window

Just like photographs, window tinting uses films to tint your window, and this needs some time to settle on the window. If you roll down your window immediately after having them tinted, you’ll end up scratching your car, and the money you spent for tinting will simply be wasted.

DON’T use abrasives to clean your window

Car window tints are effective against the sun and providing shade inside your car, but it is sensitive to abrasive cleaners. This is why when you are cleaning them, DO NOT use abrasive cloths, because you’ll end up scratching your window and reducing the lifespan of your window tint.

DON’T use strong cleaners on your car window

Just like how car window tints are sensitive to abrasive cleaners, it is also sensitive to strong chemicals like ammonia. When you are cleaning your car, double check the chemicals that are inside your cleaners, or stick to organic cleaners instead. That way, you can prevent your car window tint from being scratched easily.

DON’T clean your car while under direct sunlight

The combination of water and the sun’s heat can make your car window tint prone to flaking and scratching, and this is because the water droplets can magnify the effect of the sun on your car. This is why we see car cleaning services under a shade, because direct sunlight would only damage your car further while cleaning.

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