Vinyl Wrap Chicago

Ah, the car–the cherry on top of the American Dream!

Not only are they exceptionally useful in our everyday lives, but they are also a reflection of ourselves. You shape the car you want to drive. So, Chicago, if you’re looking for ways to spice up the looks of your ride and bring glamour to your car, then allow My Car Detail Chicago to introduce you to the world of Vinyl Wrap.


Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap is a vinyl covering designed to make your ride snazzy and protected! Ever wanted a car that will speak entirely of you? Well, your choices are virtually endless. Do you want a change of color? You got it! Do you want your car to stand out and pop? We can make that happen. We work hard to make your car feel more you. If you are into it, you can even make your own personalized graphic design! Your car, your rules, and your looks.

My Car Detail Chicago specializes in cars, but there’s no running vehicle out there that we can’t work on! Whatever your ride of choice is – be it a motorcycle, van, truck, monster truck, or even a race car – you can be sure you’ll get a vinyl wrap worthy and would speak personally of you. Our crew guarantees it so you can bet your money on it!

Vinyl Wrap with My Car Detail Chicago

We at My Car Detail Chicago are artists when it comes to cars, and we know you are too! A car is MORE than just a ride that takes us from point A to point B. 

To us, and certainly for many of you, a car is part of ourselves, an extension of our own body. Which is why we find it necessary that our cars are customized, detailed, and designed however we want it–however YOU want it.
Our vinyl wrapping services are top notch. When it comes to colors, designs, and art, your car is our canvas. We offer only the most premium vinyl for you and your car. Our incredibly talented workers will give you a masterpiece that will last for years, and all we need from you is four simple things: your design, your plan, and your time.

Your Design

This is the best part. Any specific color you have in mind for your car? Orange, Blue? Green? Do you want a design to come with that? Race stripes? Patterns? Your very own motif?

A good Vinyl job starts with YOUR idea. Conceptualize your dream car, lay it down, and let us do the work for you. We want your car to be your own, and as such, we want YOU to design your car.

Your Design

Now that you’ve chosen your design, let’s talk about plans. How big is the design of yours? How much is this gonna’ cost you?

We knew the money was coming at some point, but think of it as a give-and-take. You help us, and we help you. For a little bit of pocket money, you can get the car of your dreams.

Your Time

Now that we got the design and plan laid down, we need to talk about time. It is of utmost importance. The sooner we can, the faster your car gets done.

This is something crucial. A good Vinyl job takes time. But don’t worry though, we work within your schedule! Once we can agree upon the dates, your job from here on out is to sit back, relax, and wait for your car to transform into something you have visualized. We guarantee you’ll be MORE than satisfied, as most of our previous customers are.


Why Choose Us?

Here’s a question that often gets asked: Of the hundreds of car vinyl installation shops out there, why choose us?

Our company knows the ins and outs of the Car Vinyl business, and we have satisfied many customers. YOUR vision is our priority, and we drive the extra mile just so you can proudly present your vision on the exterior of your ride. Your car reflects YOU, and you deserve a nice-looking car. Our expertise when it comes to vinyl installation really shines and we can assure you that heads will start craning at the sight of your picture-perfect ride on the open road.

But of course, we could never have been possible without our agents. Not only are they expert auto mechanics, but they’re master artists too! Before they put vinyl on your car, they take measurements, observing from every angle and perspective, recreating your design both mentally and digitally before application. There’s no one else in Chicago that can handle your car better than the agents of My Car Detail Chicago 

Don’t believe us? Our track record speaks for itself. More than our love for customizing cars, we prioritize YOU above all. We’ve given hundreds of customers their own personalized car. We take what is basically a hunk of metal on four wheels and turn it into a part of YOU. We take pride and joy in doing it, and our customers love it.

What Are You Waiting For?

The time for waiting is over, Chicago! Want to make your ride feel more like YOU? We believe that a car is MORE than just a ride that takes us from point A to point B. And if you think so too, give us a visit and we’ll turn that hunk of metal on four wheels YOUR OWN with our Vinyl Wrap! Turn that design in your head into reality with us, 

Your Car, Your Rules, Your Looks

Vinyl Wrap is only one of our services. We also do window tinting, car detailing, paint correction, and more!

Wanna know how to get your vinyl wrap? Call us today.

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