Car Detailing in Oswego, IL

Every car owner knows the struggle of maintaining their car. There are oil changes, tire pressure check, GPS updates, and a whole lot more.

However, one of the most common yet most tedious type of maintenance is keeping your car clean. Our cars are one of our prized possessions, so of course, we want to keep it clean when we show it off to the world. Today, many car wash companies also offer car detailing in Oswego IL, which is the newer and better version of a car wash.


What is Car Detailing?

Sometimes, a simple car wash would not suffice for your car anymore. It only cleans the exterior, and the dust will accumulate again after a few days. However, car detailing is a new cleaning technique where your car will get a more detailed cleaning, both inside and out. With car detailing, your car will look like it’s brand new again, and it will save you time and money because you don’t have to return to the car wash often.

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Depending on the auto detailing in Oswego IL, different companies will include different services in their cleaning package, and increasing the number of steps included will also increase the price of the entire service.

However, most of them include:

Car Wash

This is the most basic step in car detailing. Your car will be given a standard car wash cleaning with soap and water, which will remove all the dust and grime that has accumulated in your car.

Car Polishing

After washing your car, special wax and chemicals will be used to polish the car, providing an extra shine. Moreover, this will also make your car dustproof, so it would take longer for your car to be dirty again.

Car Buffing

The buffing process is usually done after polishing, and this will remove any light scratches and oxidation that your car has been exposed to, especially if the vehicle is already a couple of years old. Unexperienced people might end up scratching your car even more when they buff it up, so it’s important to hire professionals to have a glossier finish.

Tire Cleaning

Standard car wash procedures don’t really give a thorough cleaning on the tires, with auto detailing in Oswego IL, this is also important. The tire-cleaning process will make sure that your will not be slippery, as well as providing an extra shine for the metal wheel.

Paint and Scratch Repair

If you have scratches in your car, then you can have it fixed during the car detailing process. Usually, minor repairs can easily be fixed, but larger or deeper scratches may need a repainting job. Other companies will include this in the package, while some might require an extra payment for the job.

Internal Vacuum

With car detailing, the car’s interior is also thoroughly cleaned, and this includes a vacuuming the seats and removing the carpet stains. Depending on the seat’s upholstery, different methods will be done to make your seats look like they’re brand new again. That way, it will be easier to detect new stains in the future.

Engine Cleaning

Some companies also offer to clean up the engines of your car. It may not improve the performance much, but it will surely keep your engines from overheating too much. You might also notice that your car will run more smoothly after cleaning the engines.


The technicians will also check for other defects that your car might have, such as the doorjambs, window handles, seatbelts, knobs, buttons, and even cleaning the air vents. Accessories can also be installed in your car, giving it a fresh new look.


Advantages of Car Detailing

Car detailing is a much more thorough cleaning method for your car. Depending on the company, the prices might also vary, but you will surely get a deeper clean through these services. In fact, here are some of the advantages of car detailing:

  • It will take longer to accumulate dirt
  • Your car will look like it’s brand new again
  • Minor scratches and defects will be detected
  • You can ask for professional advice from the technicians
  • It is a better investment than regularly having a car wash
  • Driving will be safer
  • You will retain your car’s value

If you are a car owner, we advise that you order a car detailing in Oswego IL. Nowadays, some companies even offer home services, where they will go to your house to clean your car, rather than the other way around. With that, you can ensure that your car will be spick and span!

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