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Getting tired of all the countless times you had to reapply or refinish your prized vehicle with automotive wax to preserve the precious paint job and also the jaw-dropping gleam that comes with it? Is it just a real, cumbersome trial that plagues you every time your car accumulates dirt? Are you just done with the feeling of always keeping your car in check to make sure it does not compromise the waxy shine?

Well, fear no more! Car Ceramic Coating services are here!

We at My Car Detail Chicago provide car ceramic coating in Chicago, ceramic tints, ceramic coatings on vinyl wrap, ceramic wraps for cars, and other ceramic coating needs near you! We specialize in providing the best of the best, the most premium of all the premium ceramic coating services with unmatched durability, gleam, and protection!

 Our ceramic coatings provide longer lasting protection and shine than regular automotive wax, such as carnauba, to make sure that you never have to worry about refinishing or rewaxing your vehicle ever again for a long, long time! Our coatings are guaranteed to protect you and your valuable car from any dangers of Mother Nature anywhere! Whether it may be on the road, your garage, etcetera! It will also help in protecting your car from small man-made damage!

The Best Ceramic Wrap for Cars

 Our collection also boasts from being made from the finest materials that are more durable than the polymers found in traditional sealants and waxes, giving you a more longer-lasting, shinier, and durable coat. The coating is also generally much thicker than a wax or a sealant, giving better defense against penetration from outside elements and creating a defense layer that can absorb the damage from external sources and better protect the paint underneath.

Try Ceramic Window Tint, Chicagoans!

For our selection and catalog of high-quality premium ceramic coatings, we have tried and tested each one to see what’s the best for what and if it passes our standard. You can choose to let one of our knowledgeable advisors help you in deciding which best suits your needs, you can personally choose from our selection if you know what you want, or you can even let us handpick the appropriate coating just for your vehicle if you are unsure of what to get! Most of our coatings will easily give years to even a decade of protection when properly applied!

It is okay, we know you have a lot of questions! So, we have prepared to answer some of the most common ones right here! We believe that you deserve to know everything that you need to know about what your car’s best needs, and so we are more than glad to help you with that!

What My Car Detail Chicago Can Offer You?

For example, there are myths surrounding ceramic coating services and their usage. First myth is that when you apply ceramic coating to your vehicle, you gain the bonus of never needing to have to wash your car. This is completely false! With time, your coating eventually gets penetrated by the harsh things that nature can throw at you, like for instance, storms, dirt, UV rays from the sun, etcetera.

This will eventually lead to more build up of grime and dirt on your car and the longer you refuse to wash it, the more visible the dirtiness will be seen. And also, obviously, it does protect the paintjob, however, what about the surface of the coating? Nothing’s protecting that, right? Exactly, so dirt and other garbage can accumulate there. Go get your car regularly washed!

More Details about Ceramic Coats

Second myth is that ceramic coats are permanent. You might have seen many companies advertising that their ceramic coats last permanently, however, the sad truth is that they do not. Nothing is permanent, yet. Over time, the coating will eventually wore out because of the elements and other external factors. The durability over time of the coat really just depends on the product and the proper application of the seal, which can last you to potentially a decade if you can keep your car well-kept and healthy throughout the years.


Third myth is that having your car ceramic coated will make it scratch-proof. No, it won’t, at all! This is a very big myth prevalent among the people new to ceramic coating and is one that really needs to be debunked and made known to all that it is not actually true. Avoiding any type of scratch on a car is just impossible. It has become completely natural for it to get even the tiniest of scratches.

Furthermore, it can be scratched from improper washing, human errors, dirty towels with residue that can potentially scratch, high grit brushes or anything sandpaper-y like, etcetera! There are thousands of ways and you can’t just avoid them all. The best you can do is proper, consistent maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle to combat any dangers that can threaten your car.

Common Things About Car Ceramic Tint and Coat

 So, those are the common things that usually plague new people to ceramic coatings. If you have any other questions regarding ceramic coating and ceramic coating services, feel free to check our FAQ or shoot our customer service an email or an call!

Our company really believe that customers need to know about what they are buying to make an informed decision they would not regret in the future!

Final tip is to read the fine print of the ceramic coating products so you know exactly what you are signing up for!

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Be sure to inform yourself of what you are getting into and if you are confident enough, give us a call! It won’t hurt at all! You get a long-lasting and super protective seal on your car and you get what best suits your needs for a reasonable, reasonable price! So, if you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for a ceramic coat job, we’re the best in the state!