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People, especially those who are not knowledgeable with cars, are easily confused between ‘car detailing’ and ‘car washing’, which is very common although there is a huge difference between the two terms. You may find similarities between the two terms, but the term ‘car detailing’ or ‘auto detailing’ far more than cleaning or washing cars internally or externally. These are information clients of our company – My Car Detail Chicago – learn before they proceed with their paid service. We only offer the best car detailing in Chicago and we ensure that our customers will get the service they deserve.

Car detailing

Only the Best Car Detailing

Usually car or auto detailing services begin with washing or vacuuming the vehicle, that’s a fact. But with car detailing, your car will experience a deeper cleaning with the utilization of advanced tools and car detailing supplies.

This service may include, having to remove few car parts to reach spots of the vehicle you never knew existed. Which is why it’s important to rely only on the best car detailing company near you. If you are in Chicago then you are very lucky because My Car Detail Chicago is the best for you and near you.

We are not done yet, car or auto detailing companies use specialized products even after the highly detailed cleaning or washing has been accomplished. Why? Because these products doesn’t only enhance the car’s physical aesthetics but can also protect your car from dust and dirt once your car is out in the world again.

A car that went through proper detailing can make your vehicle not only look new but also feel new and smell new. In short , it can be a brand new car.

Can I car detail at home?

Yes! It is possible to do this at the comfort of your home. Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, we , at My Car Detail Chicago, understand the situation of our fellow citizens. So we have compiled the best car detailing tips for you Chicago! Keep on reading.

  • Remember that you need the proper supplies in doing car detailing the best possible way. It is always better to research on your own, because you know your car best.
  • With your personal research, you would need to find products that are specialized for car detailing products and tools. Of Course you need to get your hands on what the professionals are using if you want to do it just like them.
  • If you are cleaning the exteriors of your car, don’t forget to clean from the top to the bottom. The simple car washing and rinsing won’t do it when we talking about deep cleaning which car detailing.
  • Don’t put the wheels and tires in the last. This may be a little bit contrary to the tip above. Cleaning the tires and wheels last may splash grimes to the surrounding parts, which can be a headache. This is an easy mistake.

Now that you have the basics and the simple tips. You can build the foundation of your knowledge from here. To learn more, feel free to read more blog articles on our website. An to get your free quote today, just fill up the form on our website. Another way is to dial our contact number and talk directly. Dial (312) 818-3977 today.

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