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To be honest, we spend a lot of time in our cars (may we be driving or sticking to the passenger seats— it’s all the same.) Wherever we are, we take it with them. To work. The store. To school. To your friend’s house. You even take it with you on a weekend getaway!

Heck, you might even use the car every day of your life! And you most probably do. And there’s no problem, for the most part. It does the job.

But that’s not all there is to it, you know, amigos? We’ll put it like this. It’s like, your car is a trophy. It’s your shining glory. Your most prized possession (don’t deny, we’re all the same deep inside!) You want it to be something that you can show off, right?

Aren’t we on the right track? We feel like we hit the spot.

But it isn’t exactly show-off material when you haven’t really cleaned your car ever since you got it from the dealership. You might be disagreeing indignantly, “Excuse me, I take it to a car wash regularly.”

Don’t worry. We don’t doubt that you do. And okay, sure, car washes get the job done. It’s quick and easy. There’s even some drive-thrus around your area.

Why Car Wash?

But please— let us make ourselves clear on behalf of the whole car industry. Car washes don’t exactly entail as a vigorous, extensive cleaning. In fact, it can be somewhat even harmful to your car. It can cause dents, discoloration it— man, it even washes the paint right off (if you go to an amateur’s. Ha! Can’t be us.) There might be some general tidying happening, but overall— that’s all it is.

Why Car Detailing?

No restorations. No good-as-new remarks. There’s nothing that shocking. You’re satisfied, but not quite. Get what we mean? Nothing. No car that you can be proud of.

So what you need, is this. You need someone to take care of your car—someone who preferably knows what they’re doing that’s why they are called “best car detailing Chicago” provider. Someone who can turn your car upside down (in a good way, of course!) Someone who can strip away the wear and tear and bring it back to you, good as new. Better even!

Right down to the very last detail.

The Best Car Detail in Chicago

So maybe what you need— is the best car detailing in Chicago. Not another car wash, and definitely not a new car if you’re desperate. We can restore your beloved car. Leave it to us. Just search up ‘car detailing near me’ or the ‘car detail Chicago IL’— and there you are.

The best part is? That’s all you need to do.

Cars are a man’s best friend. So when your car is looking a little down in the dumps— treat it to a car detailing by us. Hand-washed. Meticulously detailed. Precisely done. With us, there’s no stone left unturned. 

Yep, we’ll go the whole nine yards. It’s not a problem for us, nor a luxury for you. Better believe it, Chicago. We’re the standard. 


But Who Are We Exactly?

We’re My Car Detail Chicago. Nothing fancy, just the best car detail in Chicago. We might be sounding a little cocky claiming it, but we have every reason to be. We’re professionally trained. License, check! We are a legitimate car detail Chicago-based company. But our legitimacy is hardly something to brag about. The guarantee of validity is the bare minimum a car detailers Chicago can offer.

It doesn’t always mean they’ll do a good job.

So what makes us different from the rest?

Well for starters, we won’t:

Try to con you with car language you can’t understand. (We won’t stoop that low, unlike our competitors! We’ll make sure you understand the process through and through!)
Nag you into purchasing. (Though it would be a loss if you don’t. We are pretty good.)
Make you pay a fortune. (Some like to overcharge yet under-perform. Fortunately for our clients, we’re neither!)
Try to guilt-trip you for being hard to please. (We understand. You want the best of the best— and we’re eager to please.)
Use substandard, sad equipment and materials (We’re not cheapskates!)
Leave your car looking just the same (We have a goal to go over and beyond. For real.)
Use mediocre methods (Remember? Perfection is key, down to the very last detail.)

Safe to say, we’re a good bet when it comes to car detailing, Chicago. You can count on that.

Searching for "Detail Car Wash Near Me"?

You have visited the right website! We are My Car Detail Chicago – the most trusted and reliable professional auto experts in Chicagoland.

And we fully understand… you just want to love your car again. And with us, it’s never impossible. No matter how bad you give it to us, we’ll flip the cards and give your car— a perfect makeover. You’re a sure-fire winner with My Detail Chicago.

You can trust your most prized possession with us. We do excellent work each and every time. Now, our clients keep coming back, and we’re ever so grateful. So if you want your car to look good again, My Car Detail Chicago is your best bet. And we’ll deliver. No biggie.

What Car Detailers in Chicago Like Us Do?

Wrong question. Try asking ‘what don’t we do?‘ 

Well, to keep it short— anything car related is good enough for us. Car interior detailing Chicago, car interior cleaning Chicago, car exterior— heck, we’re the best hand car wash, Chicago! (We mentioned that car washes, in context, are dangerous. But not always. We car wash with caution, and we use materials that won’t damage your car in any way.)

Our Best Car Detailing Services

As best “car detailers Chicago” friends, we provide services from basic wash exterior only, as well as 2nd and 3rd level wash. The same goes for basic interior wash, comprising different levels as well. There are add-ons you can include to your package. Steamed cleaned interiors, Ceramic coating, Engine bay cleaning, Paint correction, Trim restoration, Fog light restoration, Fabric and carpet protector, Buffing, waxing, vacuuming, steaming, and deodorizing.

We also offer refueling and checking the car’s condition and its pressure levels. I mean, we’ve got to have the basics, and the likes, am I right?. If you want a custom service, shoot us a question and we’ll see if we can do it for you. No problem-o.

There are entry level washes for various vehicles (coupe or sedans, SUVs and trucks.) This includes a pressure wash foam cannon for exteriors. For its interior, vacuums, light cleaning of dashboards, washing, and quick master air dry blaster is included.

For mid-level washes we vacuum, shampoo, clean and condition carpet leather, as well as surface detailing and shining. For the exteriors, pressure wash foam cannon is included as well— almost the same as entry level— but with the addition of detailed rim work, and wheel cleaning, wells, and dressing. We can also fine tune trunk jams and door jams. After this, we apply sealants and wax.

Detailed Car Wash

For detailed washes, we go with everything from the previous mid-level washes. To be precise, we’ll give you a rundown of all the services included in this package. Interiors— vacuuming, as well as shampooing, cleaning and conditioning carpet leather, with our famous, surface detailing and shining, steamed cleaned carpets, and very detailed cleaning of all parts. It’s a steal, with the best value you can find in Chicago. For exteriors—detailed rim work and wheel cleaning, wells, and dressing, trunk jams and door jams fixing, and sealants and wax application— with the addition of clay bar, polish and swirl wax removal, detailed waxing by our machine, and the 2 step buff our clients speak so highly of.

It’s a lot, right? Well, we carefully handpicked the services included in each wash entry level that best suits our clients’ needs, depending on the impairments we usually saw from our previous clients’ car. If it’s not enough for your individual needs, we also offer add-ons as mentioned previously. It’s a win-win, clearly.

List of Our Services

  • Detailed Wash
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Steamed Cleaned Interior
  • Engine Bay Cleaned
  • Paint Correction
  • Trim Restoration
  • Fog Light Restoration
  • Fabric & Carpet Protector
  • Basic Wash Exterior
  • 2nd Level Wash
  • 3rd Level Wash
  • Interior Level 1
  • Interioir Level 2
  • Interioir Level 3

But... How much is this gonna cost me, again?

We don’t overcharge (unlike other car detailers Chicago), but that doesn’t mean we don’t do a good job unlike other high-end companies you might see charging for an arm and a leg. But if the prices are looking a little high for you, it’s for good reason. We take pride in our work, and we’re more than confident to show them to you the finished product. What you see is what you get. And we guarantee it’s worth it, fellow car owners.

But how much is it, exactly? Well, if you’re curious— we’ll tell you right now! We’re upfront about our prices. There’s no need for you to go on a wild goose chase just to get our quotes. And there’s no chance of us swindling you out of your money. The same prices go for every client, if the shoe (company policy) fits. No raising the price later on. Pinky promise.

Earlier, we gave you the complete list of our services, right? Please refer to them above if you want a detailed process for each type of service. Now that’s said, here are our official prices:

For entry-level wash which includes basic interior and exterior cleaning; coupe or sedans go for $35, SUVs for $40, meanwhile trucks cost $45. It’s quite a steal considering the other companies haggling for your money right now.

Meanwhile for mid-level washes, cars go for $100, SUVs for $120, and trucks for $150. Mid-level washes mostly contain everything you might need, so for a hundred bucks, more or less, you’re getting your car a look that’s fresh out of the dealership.

Now this, this is where the magic happens. Detailed washes are the pinnacle of car and auto detailing in Chicago, or well at least at our shop. We’ve been told it’s quite the miracle worker— and we won’t deny. It kind of is. This service even surpasses a newly-bought car. Every nook and cranny of your car is going to be cleaned, primed, and shined. To the very last detail. It’s the perfect makeover gift for your car— and the prices are decent considering what you get. So for detailed washes; coupe and sedans go for $300, SUVs for $340, and lastly, trucks for $360.

We won't lie, a detailed wash is probably everything you might need.

But if you’re looking for something more— something above and beyond, an extra treat for your very faithful car— then the add-ons we offer are for you. You want your car looking like a million bucks? You got it! These add-ons bring out the wow-factor from your car— adding a little extra oomph to an otherwise normal vehicle. For paint protection, it depends on the car price, so we’re sorry if we can’t give you an exact quote yet. But we’ll give you an estimate: $200 to $600. (If you wanna know, give us a ping and we’ll get right back to ya!) Meanwhile, ceramic coatings usually range from $500 to $800. (It works wonders for your car’s appearance, seriously.) Interior steam cleaning entirely goes for $100, mostly. To have your engine bay cleaned, you just have to pay $60. For trim restorations, it usually costs about $50 to $100 depending on the car. Fog light restorations go for $50, and fabric and carpet protector go for $50 as well.

Meanwhile, basic washes for the exterior of your car (only!), costs $30 for coupes and sedans, $35 for SUVs, and $40 for your trucks. For 2nd level washes for exteriors, coupes or sedans, SUVs, and trucks go for $70, $80, and $90, respectively. 3rd level washing for your exterior cost a bit more, ranging from $200, $220, and $240 in the same order as the previous ones.

For interior washes— level 1 for coupes and sedans, SUVs, and trucks cost $20, $22, and $27, respectively. For level 2, it’s $40, $45, and $50— with the same order as the ones above. Meanwhile level 3 washing goes for $100, $120, and $140.

So, What's Next?

Call us, shoot us an email— whichever’s more convenient for you. You can contact us any time of day (or night), and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can. And by the way, we’re mobile auto detailing Chicago. You can come to us, but we can also come to you, if you want. It’s possible! That’s right— anything’s possible with My Car Details Chicago, the best car detailing in Chicago. We’re eager to please. Our contact details are available below.